Our Little Family

Say hello to our two lovely children, our cats, Emilio Estevez and Humphrey Bogart. Emilio has been in our lives for just over two years, Humphrey on the other hand has been our little one for just over six months (oh wow does time fly!).  Their characters are pretty polar opposite. Emilio is the one that sleeps all day and if you wake him up he is not a happy camper. He likes to sleep on us but only if we have a big pouffy blanket, and most of all he just always looks pissed off. I will never understand why but there is something about his face that makes me think he is just out to get me. Humphrey is the type of cat that needs to understand everything and need to check everything out, mister inspector. Now let’s be honest he is not a graceful one, that’s Emilio’s job, Humphrey is the one that hits walls and falls off the bed all the time. He purr’s like a 60 pound animal but don’t be fooled he also has a set a claws that can make a pretty big gash if he so wishes. Though they are both our angels and always will be, sitting on our desk or sleeping on chairs they will always be our Emilio and Humphrey.